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Prof. M. Gopalan Nair
A Tribute

Ammachi & Pappa
Smt. Pankajakshi Amma & Prof. M. Gopalan Nair

This website is a tribute to the efforts of Prof. M. Gopalan Nair, for whom, the safety and well-being of the Mahavishnu Temple was a lifelong mission. A former Principal of NSS College, Changanacherry, Prof. Nair was an educationist with a keen interest in literature and history.

Pic by Jaya Chitta, 1977

Born 7 July, 1906, to Mechet Kunjikutty Amma & Vidwan Pallipuratthu V. Narayana Pillai (one of the founding fathers of the Nair Service Society - NSS), he did his schooling at Changanacherry and higher studies at Colleges in Trivandrum. He started his career as a school teacher at the age of 21, and over the next 52 years, headed and founded numerous schools and colleges in south-central Kerala. Thanks to the efforts of people like him, many villages, like Thrikodithanam today, no longer have exploited sections of uneducated people.

Pic by RaviC

A simple man of deep convictions, he quietly sponsored the fees & textbooks for many of his students whose families could not afford an education. Often, not even his family would know of this until many years later, when grateful youngsters turned up to thank him.

He was not a person to tolerate dishonesty and petty-mindedness. Even at home, hearing of minor infringements like ticketless bus-traveling provoked a rage & fury that burnt lasting lessons in propreity, into minds of his young rebels. After retirement, he spent his time in the company of his journals & radio-transistor. As well as his numerous friends, children and grandchildren. Many who have known the Ol' Prof., owe to him their love of books, trees, squishy-sweet mangos, hot poppadoms, mangosteens, and good hearty laughs. :-)

Prof. M. Gopalan Nair passed away on 30th August 1992. His closest friend & wife, Smt. Pankajakshi Amma was herself quite a force to reckon with - she was perphaps the first grandmother to win the local elections to become a Panchayat President. This much loved and widely respected lady passed away on 12th December 2002.

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